Generation 6

Automatic Retractable Bollards 

The sixth generation of Urbaco's retractable bollards, the result of 20 years experience, is composed of three structural elements, the patented Monobloc Urbaco. The casing cast in one peice, integrates cast sliding rails and mechanical supports in the same block.

It has a very high impact resistance as it is formed from cast steel up to 24 mm (7/8"). The cover cast from steel in one piece with a 10 year warranty, fully protects the bollard. Shock energy received by the bollard is divided via it's long jacketing into the counter components before disipating through the embedded casing. A guiding ring of thick plastic eases the travel of the bollard up and down reducing friction and noise. The bollard head, 11mm (2/8") thick provides superior mechanical resistance. A solid, single piece, it integrates the guide rails and is designed to work without wear or tear for very limited maintenance.


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