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Industrial Entrances



For rolling shutters
The optimal solution to automate all types of rolling shutters. It provides maximum yield without needing to modify the structure. It allows you to solve all your usage needs in various applicative contexts, whether private, commercial or in service settings.



For folding doors
The F4000 operator is engineered for rail- mounted folding doors usually found in industrial settings, but which thanks to its versatility, can also find residential application. It can also work on two-leafed swing doors, as those found in garages or smaller industrial buildings.



For sectional, sliding and folding doors
Its new design, and essential, compact structure make the CBX series a truly innovative solution in terms of automating large industrial, sectional, sliding and folding doors. It meets all the applicative requirements, simply and without modifications to the existing door. It comes in 5 models, including the 24V and tri-phase ones.


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