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Ps Barcode

The barcode solution for all types of parking.
Ps Barcode is the innovative Came system for managing occasional, subscribed and residential parkers. The entry and exit points, the different models of automatic cashiers and the attended cashiers with dedicated software allow personalising the system according to the effective needs. This is the ideal solution for installations such as exhibition centres, hospitals, shopping centres, airports and stations.


Ps Token

TOKEN systems for any type of car park
Ps Token is the new car park management system with TAG transponders. The transponder token can be kept in a pocket or wallet, and offers a complete, user friendly system that is ideal for any car park. Ps Token is the ideal solution for occasional parkers, but also subscribed parkers who may choose this service.


Ps Easy

Simplicity within reach.
Ps Easy is the best solution for pay-to-park facilities using coins. Easy to use, it does not give change and gives safe, fast and simple management. Very easy to install it does not require any particular logistics or installation, and for regular parkers payment can be made through the transponder passes.


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